patented p.o.p.

Lockable Flip Chart Holder for Retailers and Manufacturers

(U.S. Patent 6,666,609 and patents pending)

The patented FANNING 2000 Lockable Flip Chart Holder provides a display system that can easily be updated, yet maintains the security of the pages. Retailers and manufacturers can now create educational or promotional flip charts that can be easily and economically updated by using an Allen wrench to unlock the two rings. When the rings are locked in the closed position, the consumer is prevented from removin any pages. The versatile FANNING 2000 Lockable Flip Chart Holder can attach to almost any shelf, display or product.




  • Minimize costs by updating only the pages that need to be changed. With spiral-bound flip charts the entire flip chart would have to be replaced just to update one page.
  • Reuse the same FANNING 2000 Lockable Flip Chart Holder over and over for different promotions or products. Reduce costs by producing only the flip chart pages for each new use.
  • Prevent unauthorized removal. With a standard flip chart, a consumer can remove the pages leaving the display disabled. The FANNING 2000 Lockable Flip Chart Holder will also eliminate the cost of replacing missing pages.
  • Deliver sales messages and increase sales. In situations where a salesperson is not available, the FANNING 2000 Lockable Flip Chart Holder can quickly educate and help the consumer make the decision to purchase your product.

For more information on licensing the FANNING 2000 Lockable Flip Chart Holder, call 312-664-1200

To unlock the rings, simply insert an Allen wrench and loosen the Allen screw
After loosening the Allen screw, open the rings and insert your flip chart pages
With your flip chart pages in place, close the ring and tighten the Allen screw. Now your flip chart pages can't be removed because the two rings will not open
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